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        Osage Orange / Hedge Apples


Update: The 2015 season is over

The Osage Orange Fruit for sale here are handpicked fresh from the fence-row Osage Orange trees on our 162 acre working farm in South West PA.   These trees were planted generations ago to create fence rows and we harvest the fruit each year for a variety of reasons.  The Osage Orange Fruit is commonly referred to as Hedge Apples, Monkey Balls, and Mock Oranges. 

We never use chemical pesticides on our farm and we only handpick the fruit after you place your order.  We ship Priority Mail within one day of receiving your order.

We will stuff as many hedge apples as we can into the Priority Mail flat-rate boxes.  Typically this is between 10 and 20 depending on the size of the fruit and box size.  The hedge apples vary in size from baseball to softball size.  All hedge apples are hand selected for the best quality and are always picked straight from the trees on same day of shipping, plus we clean them in spring water before packaging.

The main use of the fruit is for a natural insect repellent, but homesteaders also use the fruit to dye clothing and wool.  The fruit is known to repel all types of insects including spiders, ants, and crickets. You can place them in your crawl space, in your basement; anywhere you have a bug or insect issue.  If placed indoors, place them on a saucer or paper plate as they have a milky sap that can seep out over time.  They can also be used for decoration.  Place them in a basket for a nice green center piece. Cut them in half and hollow them out to be used as a candle holder.  We would like to thank Babs Richman who sent us some wonderful pictures of the hedge apples she received from us.  You can see those pictures on her blog at:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and thank you for viewing our site.