Below are just a few of the emails we have received from our customers:

"I do not know how many upgrades we have installed since our first purchase of the software, in 2008?. They have all been seamless. As a computer novice, I am always afraid when I need to do an install, upgrade, or change something about/with software. There has never been any problems, issues - it goes fast and I really appreciate the ease of installing whatever you send out! The few times I have had questions or small problems (usually of my making), the corrections and answers have been prompt and understandable.  I do thank you for making my job and life as easy as possible!!  Happy New Year!"

- Carrie from McKay RV Storage - Customer since March-2008

"Many thanks for your help. Some of the upgrades that you guys put through are great, we appreciate your continued fixes and innovations."

- Simon from Airport Self Storage (Australia) - Customer since April-2004

"Thanks again for helping us out again, your software has been a real asset to us since the day we installed it all those years ago."

- Ron from Ron's Self Storage - Customer since Dec-1997 (Our 1st customer)

I recently started using Tredd's software at my new job and needless to say there is a lot that I didn’t understand and a lot I am unfamiliar with. Every time I have called and needed assistance John has been absolutely wonderful. I can’t begin to explain the stress relief it is to have some one take an issue that you feel is going to bring your entire day crashing down in flames, and make it seem so simple and easily fixed. My back side has been saved on numerous occasions and I am very grateful. I also appreciate how friendly John is on the phone and how he has never once made me feel like I was incompetent while I fumbled through an explanation of a problem I was having. Keep up the most impressive work! 

- Charity from Kit-Mo Rental and Supply Co - Customer since Jan-2015

Thanks John, your awesome! I can give give reference anytime I love the program!

- Tammi from DNT Storage & Properties, LLC - Customer since Oct-2014

Hi John! Thank you for your prompt support. TREDDS is #1 at A Mini Storage!!

- Tawnee from A Mini Storage - Customer since Sept-2003 (We just received this testimonial on March 1st, 2016)

"Thank you so much for helping earlier today. You helped me transfer data from an old computer to a new computer with the new updated software. Thank you so much. Our company is very small but knowing we have you to help us with the program is great. You also explained the back up availability too. Again, thank you so much for your return prompt phone call today. Very much appreciated!!

Randy from BNJ Storage LLC - Customer since Dec-2004

"I would like to thank your company for the outstanding software we have been using at two of our businesses since 2006. One is a mini storage facility and the other apartment rentals.

This software is terrific. As the owner, I find it very user friendly and my onsite manager finds it easy to use also. I do all the data input and he restores every morning and always has the complete updated info ready for his day.

We just added two new buildings to our storage facility and Rob was great in getting the additional two buildings added to our current software program.

Just thought you might like hearing from a very satisfied customer of five years.

Thanks for always returning my calls and getting me back on track when I need it. I am 67 yrs old so if I can use the software anyone can."

- Jan from White Oaks Mini Storage - Customer since Nov-2006

"I wanted to thank you for all your help over the past few weeks. You are extremely knowledgeable about your product and always got back to me in a timely manner. Your support has been and will continue to be greatly appreciated."

- Amber from J & S Storage - Customer since Jun-2011

"Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU SO MUCH You're right this worked and is saving me lots of time. Again, Thanks so much for always being there to solve my problems."

- MaLinda from Ness Self Storage - Customer since Jul-2005

"So far so good on the software...for the life of me I don't know why anyone would pay 2k plus for a software package when yours does everything you would need for 75% less!"

- Chuck from Pikeville Storage Plus - Customer since Apr-2011

"Better than it has to be...that is a good quote for this software. Replies to questions are always prompt, helpful, and easy to follow. Client suggestions are listened to very well and often implemented with the next update. Thanks for making some things simple in this very complex world."

- Becky from Kinder Lock-It Storage - Customer since Jul-2006

"Just a note to thank you for the technical service this past weekend regarding the issue that was a woops on my part. I was not expecting it that fast. I never got this kind of service until I started using the Tredd’s program three years ago.  Thanks Again!"

- Moose from Park-A-Toy Storage - Customer since Jul-2006

"I am really happy with your program (2 thumbs up on flexibility) and it was a good bargain... Thanks."

- Renee from Mini Warehouses Storage - Customer since Sep-2010

"John, it was a great pleasure working with you. Your support and personality was superb in all areas... I certainly won't hesitate to pass this on and may you make more sales here in NZ. You need a raise!!"

- June from Alexandra Storage - Customer since Nov-2009
(New Zealand)

"Thanks so much for listening to each concern and the great service... This is the best thing I could have got for my business"

- Mark from A&D Storage - Customer since Dec-2009

"I tried a couple of programs before Tredd's and your is superior by far!!"

Tom from Family Storage - Customer since Apr-2010

"Yes, I did receive the upgrade CD and have installed it. Your customer service is great."

Ken from S&K Storage - Customer since May-2007

"My girl at the office says your customer service is great. Thanks."

Nancy from Gardena Self Storage - Customer since Jun-2009

"I’m very happy with how you guys take care of issues! ... Keep up the good work... Thank you again."

Linda from Perkin's Mini Storage - Customer since Nov-2001

"We have used Tredd's Software for our storage facility since we bought the facility 6 years ago.  The software is comprehensive yet simple, allowing employees to learn it quickly.  It has worked flawlessly the entire time.  Any questions or support issues (meaning something that we couldn't figure out) have always been handled promptly.  Program updates have installed without complication."

Bob from Devil's Lake Storage - Customer since Dec-2004

"On behalf of Sydney Mini Storage, I take this opportunity to thank you for all your help to date (excellent software support!)"

- Tony from Sydney Storage - Customer since May-2009

"Excellent! John/Stacy.  I want to thank both of you. You have done a great job on this and the updates. You were fast and reasonably priced!! If you ever need somebody to give you a recommendation I would gladly do so. I know I am not a normal storage company but I think what you have done for me just illustrates the flexibility of your product and service!!"

- Bryan from Marine Mart Mexico Storage - Customer since Jul-2008

"Best software that I ever bought for any business that I have ever owned, and at a great price. Along with the best service and support."

- Andy from AJ's Self Storage - Customer since Aug-2006

"The upgrade is WONDERFUL. Wow. You have made excellent improvements over the years. Everything in this version works fine."

- Kathee from Sunnyvale Self Storage - Customer since Sep-2000

"I called one time and brought it to your attention and I think it was you who told me that it was set up to Print then save and that it would be changed now that you knew of the issue. It is one of the reasons I like your company. You do not hesitate to listen to the customer and even consider their ideas right there on the spot. Great work btw, keep it up and I will be a customer for a long time. My brother is putting up units soon and I will be recommending you all."

- Philip from PBJ Storage - Customer since Mar-2008

"Yes I received my upgrade to 7.0.3 yesterday...everything is great...great software, easy to use...I'm glad I didn't spend over a $1,000 on other software I was considering...your program does everything I need it to do for half of what I was going to spend..."

- Tim from Half Price Storage - Customer since June-2004

"Your software has cut down my administrative time dramatically! One feature that has been a big hit with the tenants and myself is the ability to send all notices electronically, my tenants love knowing the status of their account and because they have all the facts prior to any phone conversation the calls are few and more pleasant, not to mention payments are arriving much more timely. I like information quickly and believe that if there is a report or information that I want it is in your package or you will do your best to get it into a future release.

Your support is awesome and thanks for all your assistance!!"

- John from Appleton Area Storage - Customer since Mar-2009

"Thanks for your help John. I am impressed with your customer service."

- Mike from Handi Storage - Customer since Sep-2009

"Wow, so far I love this update to 7.0.3, I guess I was really in the stone ages!"

- Cindie from All About Storage - Customer since Jan-2006

"Thank you so much for all your help. It has helped me do my job so much better and efficient. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all the help you have given me."

- Nedra from Advantage Boat RV Storage - Customer since Jan-2004

"We opened our new complex last fall and your storage program has been very nice to use. We have enjoyed it very much. It's easy to use, but very complete."

- Tom from A+ Self Storage - Customer since July-2008

"Thank you very much I know I have said this before but this is truly great easy-to-use software."

- Kraig from ABC Mini Storage - Customer since May-2008

"I want you to know that I considered it a real service to receive, for a reasonable price, a CD along with several updates and a 2nd license key for another computer (which I have not cranked up yet).  Keep up the good work, it is greatly appreciated... It would be my pleasure and desire to help you in any way I can, when I can."

- Bill from AAllen Self Storage - Customer since Feb-2006

"I just got my software and I can't believe how happy I am with it. It was very simple to figure out how to use it and all the features make it a great tool for keeping track of everything. I use to use four spreadsheets to log customers, log customers information, log payments, and payments due. Jumping from spread sheet to spread sheet was a job in itself especially once i got up to 100 plus customers. Now with this new software I just view everything from one page and my time has been cut drastically, and is so much easier. So far, I love it. The customer support has been great also. My only complaint was having to transfer all my data from the spreadsheets to Tredd's software. Oh well, guess I should have bought the software right away."

- Clark from B.B. King Storage - Customer since Jan-2008

"I've been in the Self-storage business since 1978 in Dade County Florida under the name Drive-in Mini Storage. We recently decided to upgrade the computer program that manages our business from tenant entry through all the report stages needed by a self-storage operation, including form letters to our tenants and a deposit report ready to print. We researched a half dozen programs and decided on Tredd's for its clear and easy data entry and its friendly and helpful tech staff. Not least of all, its pricing was well below its competitors, while offering a complete program for most self-storage operations."

- Gerald from Drive In Mini Storage - Customer since Sep-2005

"We got the new CD today and all is well. The reports that we were looking for that started this whole thing is wonderful. A lot less confusion for the tax reporting. Thank you very much for the update of 6.1.0."

- Rhonda from BNJ Storage - Customer since Dec-2004

"Thanks for helping me to transfer old files in the new program. You have given me excellent software support for the last two years.  Recently you have added new building in my original program and my system is working very well. You went out of your way to help me to fix my problem last week. You are really committed to your customer. Great product and Great service! Thank you again."

- Jay from J & K Storage - Customer since Oct-2002

"We have been running a Mini Storage Facility for over 16 years and Tredd's Self Storage Software has been the best purchase we have ever made. It has decreased the amount of time we have to spend in the office and gives us the peace of mind knowing how much income is coming in, who' s late this month, how many units are vacant, and saved us hundreds in accounting fees. Its' the only software I would highly recommend for any Mini Storage Facility. Thank you."

- Gunte from Mt. Hamilton Storage - Customer since Nov-2003

"Thanks again for helping me load the software for Oak Climate Control Storage...  You went out of your way on that one, but it was so much appreciated.  That really shows a customer that you are committed to your customer services."

- Jeanella from Oak Climate Control Storage - Customer since Jan-2004

"I would recommend Tredd's Self Storage Software package to anyone in the storage business. One of the best things about the program is that it is tailored to your individual business. I recently had new buildings constructed, and was able to easily have them added in to my software package. The customer service and support are top notch. Tredd's customer support is quick to reply, and is always willing to go the extra mile. This program has allowed me to make better business decisions because of the wide range of reports that it offers in order to allow me to analyze my business. Recently, my computer crashed and I realized I had not made a backup of my data. I emailed customer support on a last ditch effort to recover what I lost without rebuilding it, and they still had a copy of the last backup I had sent them several weeks before. The time and money they saved me this one time alone was priceless! Thank you!"

- Bill at Everson Mini Storage - Customer since Mar-2002


"Hi Tredd. Long time no speak. My system is working just fine and I'm very
happy with it. Great product!  Your software does the job nicely and in my opinion it's the best bang you're gonna find for your buck. It's relatively simple, yet effective in that it fits my mini-storage facility nicely. I've had very few problems and each one of these you responded to and resolved quickly. Your customer support is very easy to work with and I'd recommend your product to anyone."


- Darrel at Cedar Lake Saf-Stor- Customer since Apr-2000



"Thank you for your prompt reply.  All questions answered.  I think it is about time we invested a little in an upgrade, you folks have been awful patient with us at times.  You are a "great" company to work with, don't ever change that."


- Robert at Stor-More Self Storage - Customer since Jul-2001



"Thank you. I love your software, we sampled two others before deciding on yours and I'm happy with our decision."

- Fritz at Central Mini Storage - Customer since Dec-2003

"I am really enjoying all the new features....keep up the good work, this is really a great software package. If you ever need any references you can have clients contact me." 

- Linda at Perkins Mini Storage - Customer since Nov-2001

"Using this software was my 53 year old father's FIRST computer experience. Before this, he was a pen and paper man. But in a matter of days he was able to use all of the functions, create his bills, print the reports and save a ton of time and headache. Please take this as a sign of how easy and intuitive you have made your program. If he can use it, ANYONE can use it! GREAT JOB!"

- Derrek at Happywoods Mini Storage - Customer since Dec-2001

"We are very pleased with the storage program from TSS SOFTWARE LLC. We are limited in our computer knowledge but Tredd's customer support has been extremely helpful in solving all of the problems we thought we had. This program is going to save us a lot of time and give us excellent records."

- Jack at Winters Storage and Capay Storage - Customer since May-2003

"I am writing this letter to you to commend you on the storage program that your company designed. We have searched for sometime for a program that would suit our specific needs in the most efficient and simply way. We finally came across your program and initiated contact in order to purchase the program. Ever since you have been extremely patient with every question, requests for upgrades, and all other issues that we have raised. We certainly feel that we have made not only the right choice for our program, but also for the company behind the program.  I will be more then happy to recommend your program and services to anyone that will ever contact me."

- Idan at California New York Express - Customer since Nov-2002

"I've been using Tredd's Self Storage Software for several years.  The software is a very user friendly program enabling me to organize and bill monthly our 300 unit occupants. Tredd's customer support is personal, professional, prompt and most of all offers easy to follow hands-on personal instructions."

- Barbara at Ridgefield Self Storage - Customer since Apr-2001

"I’ve just installed our new software and checked the layout! First, I want to say you’ve done a really great job – very accurate – thank you very much..."

- Doug at Eagle Mini Warehousing - Customer since Apr-2003

"I am a small business owner who knows how to turn my computer on, and that's about it. Your software has been very easy to learn, and I especially appreciate your superb customer service. I was only available to work on an upgrade on a Saturday, but your support was available and talked me through everything in a way I understood. I am a very satisfied customer and appreciate your service after the sale."

- John at Lake Wissota Storage
- Customer since Jan-2002

"First I want to say this is the most user friendly program I have ever used. It really makes life much easier for the small businessman. We have tried other more enhanced management software, but it was just too complicated to understand completely... Thank you for being so patient with me while I learn your software. It is very simple and easy to use... I have to say your company has been great so far."

- Angela at C’n’S Secured Storage
- Customer since Mar-2002

"People are loving your program, I show it to a lot of people and company's like Umbrella that call trying to get my business I tell them I got your program and so far I love it."

- Sheri at Troy's Mini Barns
- Customer since Jan-2001

"I've been looking for storage software for over a year. I called other facilities around the area and asked them what they are using and then got samples from the vendors. Everything I've seen is so complicated. Our site manager would be unable to work with anything I had tried - he struggles with the 'peg board' system even as simple as it is. So, a few weeks ago, I went out on the internet and looked at every site for storage software and found your wonderful software. I've had the computer-illiterates here at the office try it and no one has had any problems... Thank you."

- Kathee at Sunnyvale Self Storage - Customer since Sep-2000


"After searching for and testing 8 or 10 different programs, we are glad we found yours when we needed self storage software. The price is great and it does everything we need.  We appreciate the upgrades and the fast response on customer service."

- Doris at Budget Mini Storage
- Customer since Jan-2003


"We purchased your program in November of this year and spent the last two months of the 2003 getting used to using a computer to track our rental units. We are finding it to be a very helpful and time saving tool in running our storage business and look forward to having a whole year of reports to aid us even more. Thank you for you patience in answering our questions as we learn to use this software."

- Lee from Barr's Best Storage - Customer since Nov-2003

"I have been using Tredd's Self Storage Software for over two years now at two different facilities with no problems or complaints. It's easy and effective to use and the best thing is that as my business grew, the software was easily adapted to accommodate new buildings and functions. It just keeps getting better – I'm currently having both my programs upgraded to the latest versions... I'll have to give it “Two Thumbs Up.”

- John from Lok-All & Dale Storage - Customer since Oct-2001

"We have your storage software and it is super.”

- Tim from Half-Priced Storage - Customer since Jun-2004


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We are celebrating our 21th year of producing quality software for the self storage industry with our latest release 7.2.7.G on 2 Feb 2021.  Check out the What's New to read about the 50+ new features we added in the past year including Credit Card Processing with and many more features requested by our customers, such as how our software can help you be Earth Friendly and Green.

Our software is 100% compatible with all versions of Windows including XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.  We are also compatible with all modern Window server editions since 2003 Server.

If you have any questions about our software, please contact us.


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